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Our Trusted Partners


Josh Moody/Amerikey Outdoor Media

Josh Moody holds a special place in the history of Higher Purpose Professional Services - he was the very first to take a risk on us, and now he's one of our most trusted partners in the billboard business through his company, Amerikey.

Daktronics logo.png


As one of the main suppliers for all our billboard needs, our relationship with Daktronics is an important part of our business. Their support, software, and production value are priceless in this industry, and we couldn't be happier to be working with them.

Prismview fixed.png

Prismview, by Samsung

The name "Samsung" often stirs up an image of high-quality, modernized software and hardware. In the sign business, it's no different - Samsung is known worldwide for it's gorgeous, vibrant displays, and it's known industry-wide for it's world-class customer service and software, all of which is invaluable to ourselves and our customers.

First united logo fixed.png

First United Bank

When it comes to money, we only trust the best. That's why we work with First United Bank, to ensure that all our payment systems and infrastructure are top of the line.

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